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Sunnyrail Lite Mounting


Distinct, smaller extrusion.
Hersic’s Sunrail Lite extrusion composes the entire mounting system, allowing contractors the flexibility, on-site control and familiarity of wood construction beams.
Optionally, custom length pre-cut rails add convenience, reduce waste and minimize labor time.


Fixture positioning is flexible.
With both vertical and horizontal rails, the Sunnyrail Lite commercial tilted roof mounting system seamlessly conforms to virtually any roof truss structure and orientation.

- The vertical rails support the panels along both sides.
- The horizontal rails connect the system to the roof fixtures.

This configuration allows complete freedom in the positioning of roof fixtures, both on the X-axis and the Y-axis.


- Slotted corner clamps allow a margin of error and facilitate installations on uneven roofs.
- Panel U-clamps are located inside the array and hold four panels each.
- Panel L-clamps and Z-clamps hold the array at the front, back and sides.

Fast, convenient assembly.
All clamps are strongly built and feature Hersic’s lock nut for fast installations.

Structural integrity.

Cross-linking rails create a new light-weight structure on the roof, minimize structural stress and distribute point loads on nearby fixtures.


Optimized thermal management.
The operating temperature of a solar system dramatically affects performance.

The Sunnyrail Lite is optimized for maximum heat evacuation and air cooling.

- Air gap up to 8.5 inches between the roof and panels allows air to flow freely underneath the system.

- System allows to add narrow or large gaps in the array to facilitate heat evacuation and maintenance.


Simple and effective. Hersic’s flush mount fixture is composed of a clamp and a flashing. The flashing goes under shingles and allows a level install where shingles overlap.
Sealing with the roof can be done using Hersic’s adhesive membrane or silicon caulking.
Installer drills hole in desired position for easier alignment with roof trusses.
Flashing is made of marine grade aluminum to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Proper insulation on top of each flashing is ensured by Hersic’s adhesive membrane and self-sealing stainless steel washers with bonded EPDM rubber seals.

The fixture is designed to allow up/down and sideways adjustments.


Engineered and tailored.To ensure maximum strength and insulation, Hersic provides sheet metal fixtures that are extruded specifically to the shape of most sheet metal profiles.
The sheet metal fixture uses the existing screw holes on the ribs for fastening. The weight, however, is distributed on the flat furring strips.

HErsic's adhesive membrane is applied under the fixtures to create a strong bond with the roof and insulate. Self-sealing stainless steel washers with bonded EPDM rubber seals ensure proper insulation.

The fixture is designed to allow vertical and horizontal adjustments.

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