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Uniform, engineered design.
Hersic’s Mountinsert mounting solution introduces fully-engineered commercial technology to the residential market.
Inspired from the Sunnyrail Lite concept, Hersic’s Mountinsert extrusion composes the entire system.
Panels are supported by the horizontal rails themselves and are locked into place by a full-length top rail.
All components are made of top-grade aluminum for maximum reliability and durability.


Maximize roof coverage.
Every aspect of Hersic’s Mountinsert is designed to help installers achieve better installations with more panels on the variety of roofs they encounter.
Horizontal rails allow to shift each row of panels left and right independently, allowing to fit more panels on odd-shaped roofs.
Panels can be seamlessly spaced apart or omitted from any part of the array to avoid obstacles and optimize string sizing while maximizing roof coverage.


- Top rails hide the gap between rows of panels, prevent debris accumulation and help snow slide down the array.

- Horizontal rails are discrete when looking at the system from the ground.

Form meets function.
Homeowners who install a solar system on their roof expect performance, limited maintenance and visual appeal.

Top-grade aluminum components are durable and look great for a long time.

System can be anodized on demand in black or color.


Designed to stay cool.
The operating temperature of a solar system dramatically affects performance. Hersic’s Mountinsert system is designed for optimal heat evacuation.

- Adjustable air gap assures proper distance between the roof and solar panels.


- Aerodynamic design maximizes air flow both above and underneath the array,


Completely intuitive.
The simplicity and flexibility of Hersic’s Mountinsert residential mounting system allow installers to build intuitively.

- System has very few different components.

- Roof fixtures allow up-and-down adjustments to ensure a level installation, even when the roof is uneven.

- Slotted attachment clamps allow precise adjustments and compensate for slight inaccuracies in fixture placement.

- Templates can be employed to assure accurate measurements throughout the system.


Simple and effective.
HErsic's flush mount fixture is composed of a clamp and a flashing plate.

- The flashing slides under the shingles and allows a level install where shingles overlap.
- Sealing with the roof can be done using Hersic’s adhesive membrane or silicon caulking.
- Installer drills hole in the desired position for easier alignment with roof trusses.
- Flashing is made of marine grade aluminum to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Hersic’s adhesive membrane and self-sealing stainless steel washers with bonded EPDM rubber seals ensure proper insulation on top of the flashing.

The fixture is designed to allow up/down and sideways adjustments.

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