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 About Us

The HERSIC lines of products are backed by a long experience of engineering innovation, where excellence is the main focus. This excellence is reflected in our line of powerful LED lighting, street and garden LED Solar Lighting, solar water pumps, accessories, thermo-solar, and solar panels.​

Mono and Polycrystalline solar modules from the industry's leading suppliers make HERSIC equipment long lasting and powerful. You can depend on our products to help you get the best out of the sun in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. 
HERSIC equipment represents the best value to our clients in the marketplace offering the quality, power and durability that every customer should come to expect. Features and aggressive pricing make any units attractive to consumers. Our dedication to quality does not stop with solar products. A full array of branded parts and accessories are available to accommodate every need.

The brand HERSIC
HERSIC International is part of JC IMPORTS CORPORATION - CANADA. HERSIC has consumer solar products as well as professional heavy duty solar products for medium to large scale applications and projects.

HERSIC is Canadian brand in the solar energy sector. This brand has been consistently built from the beginning through innovative, high-quality product solutions with a unique design and brand communication towards the trade partners and the consumers.
With the vision and the central brand promise of HERSIC to make solar energy easy by intelligent simple product solutions, our brand will set standards on the international level and achieve a leading position in the trade and with the consumers.

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